Terms of use

Acceptance of terms of use: Kulshe website offers a variety of targeted classifieds, targeted all users and visitors in different countries of the Middle East which are subordination to the terms of use of the site. By using this service, you agree to comply with these terms. In addition, when you use our website, you agree to commitment by any applicable posted guidelines, which may change from time to time. If you object to any term or subject, or you are dissatisfied. You can immediately stop using our website.

1. Amendments to the Terms of Use Agreement: 

Kulshe website could modify or change these terms and conditions at any time. These changes effective immediately by posting it. Therefore, you should review these changes to be aware of the latest updates.

2. Content: 

You have to know that anything posted such as “Photos, videos, any information received or sent” through Kulshe website, is your responsibility. More specifically, you are entirely responsible for all content that you post on Kulshe. Website is not responsible for the content available through this service. By using this service, you may be exposed to content that is inaccurate, or misleading, or unacceptable. Furthermore, Kulshe website and content may properly contain external links completely independent of the site. 

Our website is not presenting any warranty regarding the accuracy, completeness, or correctness of the information that you provides. Therefore, if you are redirected to any other websites, it is at your responsibility. You agree that you must bear all risks associated with the use of any content and you should not depends on the mentioned content. Under any circumstances our website won’t be responsible on any content, or any loss, or harm of any content that is published or available to our services. 

Kulshe website could refuse, delete, or move content available through the service for any for violating on terms and conditions for any reason, based on its own appreciation. 

3. Third Party Content, Website and Services: 

Kulshe website content, or the content that is available on this platform, may contain features and functions that could link you to the third-party content which is completely independent from our website. Including websites, databases, applications, software, products, or Internet services as a whole. 

Your interaction with organizations or individuals on or through our website, including payment process or handling products and services, or to provide warranties or other responsibilities in connection with such dealing, it's absolutely between you them So, it's very important and necessary to make a check before any online transactions. 

According to that, you agree that Kulshe is not responsible for any loss or harm of any kind incurred as a result of any of these dealings. In case there is a dispute between participants on this site, or between users and any third party, then you agree that Kulshe is not obliged to participate. 

4. Termination of services: 

You agree that Kulshe could delete or deactivate your account or block your email address and your IP address as well, or terminate your access to the services or any part of it, immediately and without notice. In addition, we could remove any content inside the service and get rid of it, for any reason. For example, if you violated one of these terms and conditions. Furthermore, you agree that Kulshe is not responsible for you or any third party that could terminate your access to the website.