About Us

Kulshe is a classified ad that provides their services and marketing in parks and visitors in the countries of the Middle East.

With over 2 billion monthly views of the ads on it, it effectively connects sellers and buyers; to enable them to buy and sell, obtain a service, or even a job. The team at Kulshe consists of more than 160 employees who deal with more than 45 million individuals and companies, who use our platform to sell a lot of goods and products at a value of more than $ 25 billion annually, in addition to the value of job vacancies and services that are traded through the platform. We are working towards making the buying and selling process easier and faster than the usual method; The platform is designed to be safe and available to all without exception, whether the user represents himself/herself as an individual or as a company. Since the establishment of Kulshe, it has contributed to serving all customers by helping them complete the sale, purchase, and advertisement processes or search for a service or vacancy, and after that, it became the first choice for Arab users in the Middle East and North Africa region via the internet; as we provide our services in 19 countries, which are: Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iraq,  Oman, Egypt, Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Qatar, Palestine, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania And Tunisia. We strive to provide a safe and reliable online advertising environment that aims to connect sellers with buyers and vice versa, directly without the need for a middleman or paying a commission through the existing listings and classifications of more than 120, such as: vehicles, cars, real estate, Electronics, video games, cell phones, furniture, clothing and fashion, books and magazines and various types of services and sectors as well. Our vision is reflected in Kulshe by enabling individuals and companies to make profit by creating good economic opportunities with their returns, fulfilling desires, meeting needs, and developing societies. How it works? Users can download our app on iOS and Android to get the best experience, or use our website to buy, sell, apply for a job or provide a service.