Privacy policy

The Privacy Policy on Kulshe covers all the information our site receives and collects, as well as processing it. In addition, it covers information about your previous dealings with our site and your use of the site to display ads or services. For personal information, our site needs to know about you. It includes your data such as; your name, phone number, email address, and your address. Your data will be completely private while it won't be available to the public. After that, our site can inform you of its services, offers, and areas through which you are available. To take advantage of the site's offers and services or provide the ads you want through our site. After you agree to our privacy policy. In addition, our site policy applies that privacy to customers of the site. In other words, this policy does not apply to companies that do not own "Kulshe" site. Similarly, for non-employees on site, the site's policy does not apply to them either.

Information collection and use  

Kulshe website collects personal information about you in case you register on our site or when you use our services, and if you used our website to advertise. As well as, when you visit our pages continuously. For example, when you want to place an advertisement on our site, the site will automatically request personal information about you, such as your name and phone number, in addition to your email address and other details. This is to complete the privacy procedures before displaying your advertisement or products and offers.  

Kulshe website records your data on the browser's server logs, where the website adds some data such as the user's cookie information, IP addresses, and the page requested by the website visitor.  

After collecting this information, our site uses it to personalize the ads and content that the applicant sees, and to fulfil requests for all available services and products, thus improving our services and raising the level of our site. 

When you submit your email address to our site, it means that you agree to our terms that we use your email address to send you service notices, and the required notices in following the rules of the site policy. Taking into consideration that you cannot cancel this e-mail service. 

Kulshe website could use your e-mail to send regular newsletter, job alerts that are related to the employment matter on our website. Also, for the purpose of resuming publications, or for matters relating to advertisements and special offers. 

Furthermore, our site aims to collect data to display advertisements using Google Analytics, and to take advantage of the offers that are published on the site. We will also subsequently rely on the use of demographic data in order to significantly improve our services, and make our offers more effective and appealing to the public. 

When registering to Kulshe using one of the social media platforms such as; (Facebook, Twitter, Google), we take the basic information that we need, such as: (name, mobile phone number, e-mail and personal photo) that are uploaded to these platforms, to use it for the purposes of registration and documenting your information to avoid Fraud attempting or impersonation, cheating or use other people's information without their knowledge, so we ask to document these information to enjoy our service. 

Information exchange and disclosure: 

Kulshe website can provide you with personalized content and services, after collecting your information and improving features and performance in order to support the website, as well as provide advertisements related to our website. This also enables us to analyze data, improve our site service, and troubleshoot problems with our services and products. By providing us with your email address means that you agree to receive notifications on your e-mail. Also, we can use your email address to send you products and service offers. Moreover, if you would like to submit an advertisement on our website and we need further details from you in this regard. 

How do we share your information? 

Don’t worry about this matter. Our website follows an overly strict commitment to the privacy policy and doesn’t share your personal information or your usage data, except in some reasonable cases and with your approval for sure. Those instances which we could share your information with; service providers that provide opportunities for us to improve and adequately our services, such as credit card processors. Also, the communication center providers. In addition to the above, we could share your information with third parties that offer us marketing our products and services. 

Third Party Cookies: 

Kulshe website could use your general "non-personal" information with third parties for the purpose of expanding the explanation of our services. Our site also seeks to allow third-party advertising companies to present advertisements and offers and to use different technologies to collect information, such as cookies or JavaScript. This allows us to measure the effectiveness of users' advertisements when they visit our website. Taking that into consideration, you can unsubscribe from email services, advertisements, and promotions. You can simply contact us to unsubscribe from this service.  

Why does our website use or access your personal Information? 

Your personal information is used for registration, documenting information, and making sure that it is not used by other people without their knowledge. Therefore, an OTP code is sent to the e-mail or phone number that is registered with your account to confirm your access. This step detects fraud attempts and misuse, avoiding theft and impersonation. 

Protecting the security of your personal information: 

We work to protect the security of your personal information during transmission by using encryption protocols and software. It is important for you to protect against unauthorized access to your password and to your computers, devices, and applications. We recommend using a unique password for your Kulshe account that is not used for other online accounts. Be sure to sign off when you have finished using a shared computer.